Hy-030 Black ATM Computer Case Desktop PC Case

Short Description:

Product Specification



Keyboard bit




 Power support

Standard ATX power

Hardware dimensions


CPU heat sink height limit




Video card length limit


Hardware material

SPCC black sand

Expansion slot


Mainboard type


Water cooler support

Overhead:Support 240mm

Fan support

Front: Supports 120mm * 3
Postposition:Support 120mm*1
Overhead:Support 120mm*2

Side material

Tempered glass on the left
SPCC iron sheet on the right

I/O Peripheral interface

Power button,Light control key,USB3.0X1,USB2.0X2,
Microphone jack, headphone jack

(TIP:When water cooling is installed in the top position, only two 120mm fans can be installed in the front)

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Details

HY-030 (8)
HY-030 (7)

Our product selling point

Panoramic side view gaming case!
Colorful light strip design!
Panoramic side view!
Support for MATX mainboards!
The CPU supports heat dissipation and a height of 155mm
Supports the long graphics card ≤290mm

Product Features

Panoramic side view!
Acrylic side panel, clear and transparent, interior glance, feel the charm of science and technology.
The acrylic side panel provides a visually stunning perspective, showcasing the intricate details and craftsmanship of your PC build. It allows you to showcase your high-performance components, vibrant RGB lighting, and custom cooling solutions without any obstructions.

Colorful light strip design!
The dazzling colors create a sense of science and technology, showcasing the vitality of young people and satisfying the need for color among gamers and enthusiasts.
The colorful light strip design not only enhances the visual appeal of your PC but also creates a lively and energetic atmosphere. The vibrant colors can transform your gaming experience, immersing you in a world of dazzling visuals and adding an extra layer of excitement.

Six fan positions, unlock the three-dimensional strong cooling air duct.
With a strong cooling air duct, hot air is efficiently expelled from the case, ensuring that your components stay cool even during intense gaming or resource-intensive tasks. This helps prevent overheating and ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your hardware.
Strong compatibility and good scalability.
This means that you have the flexibility to install different sizes and types of fans, including larger fans for enhanced cooling performance or specialized fans for specific components.
The strong compatibility and good scalability also allow for future upgrades and additions to your cooling system. You can easily add more fans or upgrade to more powerful ones as needed, ensuring that your case can adapt to the changing demands of your hardware.

Hardware interior planning clearly, to satisfy your DIY assembly needs.
Support ATX mainboard
The CPU supports heat dissipation and a height of 155mm
Supports the long graphics card ≤290mm

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