Hy-049 Black ATM Computer Case Desktop PC Case

Short Description:

Product Specification







CPU heat sink height limit


Motherboard supporting


graphics supporting

Maximum supportof 310mm

Hard disk supporting

SSD * 2 and HDD * 1 or SSD * 3

Air cooling and heat dissipation system

Front: 120mm fan * 3Rear: 120mm fan * 1
Top: 120mm fan * 2

Water cooled heat dissipation system

Top support for 240 integrated water cooling

l/O interface

Power on button, restart button.USB2.0 * 2.USB3.0 * 1.Microphone jack, headphone jack

Product Detail

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Product Details

HY-049 (8)
HY-049 (9)
HY-049 (2)

Our product selling point

Open large space!
Compatible with more high-energy hardware.
Supports ATX motherboard!
Length limit of 310mm.
CPU heat sink height limit of 150mm.
Meets mainstream accessories.
Fully supports HDD and SSD hard drives .
And meets player needs.

Product Features

Introducing our premium computer cases with cutting-edge features designed to optimize your PC experience. Immerse yourself in a world of stunning design and RGB lighting with panoramic tempered glass side panels. Durable tempered glass material provides tool-less installation for safety and easy maintenance. Proudly display your high-end graphics card, liquid cooling system and RGB lighting setup. The mirror light effect panel adds uniqueness and futuristic aesthetic, transforming your computer setup into a visually stunning centerpiece. The chassis has rich external interfaces, supports air cooling and water cooling, has strong heat dissipation and stable operation. Experience the ultimate in beauty and functionality with our premium computer cases.

Mirror light effect panel!Science fiction dazzling magic that brings infinite space.
The panel is designed to reflect and refract light in a way that creates a dazzling and mesmerizing effect.
The mirror light effect panel adds a touch of uniqueness and futuristic aesthetics to your computer setup. It can transform a regular computer case into a visually stunning centerpiece that catches the eye .
The reflective properties of the panel create a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience, especially when combined with vibrant RGB lighting.

Overhead I/0 interface.

The chassis has rich external interfaces.

Meeting the needs of daily: work and gaming.

Stereoscopic cooling system with air and cold water cooling for
strong heat dissipation.
Supports air and water cooling and heat dissipation,with good heat dissipation performance.
And convenient heat dissipation in independent areas, ensuring stable operation of the chassis.
The air inlet is separated independently.

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