Sy-W-F200 Integrated Water-Cooled 120mm Radiator CPU Water Cooler

Short Description:

Product Specification





Rated voltage

12V DV

Fan Dimensions


Fan Speed


Noise Level




Static Pressure

1.04mm H2O

Fan port

4 pin

Pump size


Pump power consumption


Pump noise


Pump port

3 pin

Radiator material


Bearing Type



Intel:LGA 115X/1200/1700/20XX

Product Detail

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Product Details

SY-W-F120 (8)
SY-W-F120 (9)

Our product selling point

Selected materials!  Craftsmanship!

Selected quality materials, exquisite workmanship.

High-speed silent fan, custom heat sink, preparation material water cooling tube, electroplated mirror light transmittance.

Multi-layer sealing process, effectively prevent leakage.

Product Features

Colorful LOGO!  Artistic presentation!

Electroplated mirror, colorful glossy logo pattern.Give you a different installation experience.

By incorporating vibrant colors and a glossy finish, the logo pattern can make the cooling system stand out and add a touch of personalization.

IIR High density braided water pipe!

Cold resistance, high temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance.

Pure copper base for rapid cooling!

Pure copper base, smooth and bright.This rapid heat transfer helps to keep the CPU cool and prevent overheating, which can lead to performance issues or even damage to the CPU.

Tight fit to the CPU, fast heat transfer.It ensures that there are no air gaps or thermal barriers that can hinder the transfer of heat.  This tight fit allows the copper base to effectively draw heat away from the CPU and transfer it to the cooling system, whether it be a heat sink or a liquid cooling system.

Strong heat dissipation!  High-density fins!

High-density fins refer to closely spaced, thin metallic structures that are designed to increase the cooling area of the cold row.

High-density fins increase the cooling area of the cold row.

Let the water cooler cool down quickly.

Dazzling fan! PWM temperature control!

Comes standard with a 12cm high performance silent flash fan.

The four legs are designed with shock-absorbing foot pads.

Supports PWM temperature control.

Effective noise reduction.

Refuse leakage!  Interface sealing process!

Tensile resistance, bending resistance, good sealing, avoid leakage, avoid evaporation.

The evapotranspiration rate of braided tube is lower than that of traditional silicone tube.

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