Sy-W-L360 Integrated Water-Cooled Radiator 360mm CPU Water Cooler for Case

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Product Specification





Rated voltage

12V DV

Fan Dimensions


Radiator size




Fan Speed


Noise Level




Static Pressure

1.04mm H2O

Fan port

4 pin

Pump size


Pump power consumption


Pump noise


Pump port

3 pin

Radiator material


Bearing Type




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Product Details

SY-W-L360 (4)
SY-W-L360 (6)
SY-W-L360 (2)

Our product selling point

Strong water cooling, rapid heat dissipation!

Strong heat dissipation!  High density fins!

High-density fins refer to closely spaced, thin metallic structures that are designed to increase the cooling area of the cold row.

High folding density, high heat dissipation efficiency.Let the water cooler cool down quickly.

Product Features

Finely polished base!

Copper base smooth processing, more closely fitted with the processor.

This close fit between the base and the processor maximizes the contact area, allowing for faster heat dissipation and more effective cooling.

In addition to improved thermal performance, a finely polished copper base also contributes to the overall installation experience.  The smooth surface makes it easier to apply thermal paste evenly and ensures that the cooler is securely mounted onto the processor without any gaps or air pockets.

Industrial level interface sealing process!

Refuse leakage, anti-stretching, bending, good tightness, avoid leakage and evaporation.It ensures that the seal stays intact and does not break or get compromised under different conditions.

The evapotranspiration rate of bellows is lower than that of traditional silica gel tubes.

Polymer material water cooling pipe!

Use "FEP" polymer materials (RoHS compliant).

Corrosion resistance. High temperature resistance. Antioxidant.

It provides a reliable and durable solution for cooling applications that require efficient heat transfer and resistance to harsh environments.

Colorful glowing cold head!It can provide an aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing element to a water cooling system.

Cold head built-in light source, light soft not dazzling.The soft light ensures that the glow is pleasing to the eye and adds a touch of elegance to the system.

Hurricane heat dissipation!

High wind pressure, large air volume, low noise.Quickly take away cold heat.

The high wind pressure generated by the hurricane heat dissipation system ensures that air is forced through the cooling components with significant force.  This helps to disperse the heat quickly and efficiently, preventing the buildup of hot spots and maintaining optimal operating temperatures.

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