Sy-W-So360b White 360 Argb Computer CPU Water Cooler

Short Description:

Product Specification





Water drainage size


Fan Dimensions


Rated voltage

12V DV



Fan Speed


Noise Level of fan


Bearing Type

Sleeve Bearing

Noise of pump




Static Pressure

0.37mm H2O

Fan port

4 pin

Pump size


Pump power consumption


Pump fan speed


Pump port

3 pin

Radiator material




Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Details

SY-W-SO360B (6)
SY-W-SO360B (7)
SY-W-SO360B (5)

Our product selling point

ARGB color light effect!

Support 12 generations of CPU!

Excellent heat dissipation effect!

High performance water pump!

Low noise!

Hydraulic bearing fan!

Product Features

Mirror design, dazzling color.It can indeed enhance its visual appeal and create a dazzling effect.

The top of the cold head is designed with a mirror, with bright lights, more brilliant.

The use of bright lights with the mirror design further enhances the visual impact. The combination of a reflective surface and intense lighting can create a stunning visual contrast, making the cooling system stand out and catch the viewer's attention.

Large area cold row, strong heat dissipation.

By incorporating high-density fins into the design, the surface area available for heat dissipation is increased, resulting in improved cooling efficiency.

Efficient heat exchange runner design,

S-fin 35% thickening.

The S-fin design refers to a pattern of closely spaced, serrated fins on the surface of the heat exchange runner.

These fins increase the surface area available for heat exchange, allowing for better heat dissipation

By thickening these fins by 35%, the effective contact area between the cooling medium and the surface of the runner is increased.

Increase the effective contact area,

More conducive to heat exchange effect.Contributing to enhanced cooling performance.

Pure copper base, precision brushed.

The precision brushed design on the copper base further optimizes heat dissipation.

This allows for greater contact between the CPU and the cooling system, facilitating better heat transfer.

The heat dissipation capability is increased, and the CPU temperature is effectively reduced.

Long life, not easy to leak.

High density water pipe, cold resistance, high temperature resistance.

Aging resistance, corrosion resistance, folding resistance.

High connection reliability and low evapotranspiration rate.

Colorful fixed color dazzling fan, strong visual impact.

Four corners 8 shockproof foot pads.

This helps to minimize any potential damage caused by external forces and ensures the longevity of the fan.

shock absorption, no noise.

Supports 5V3 pin ports on the mainboard.

(If the mainboard has a 5V3 pin interface, the light effect can be controlled through the motherboard to achieve divine light synchronization.

If the mainboard does not have a 5V3 pin interface, you need to buy another light controller.)

Multi-platform buckle

Support INTEL and AMD mainstream platforms,

Multi-platform turnbuckle, simple installation.


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