120mm Four Cooper CPU Air Cooler for Desktop Cpmputer

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Air Pressure

2.71mm H2O

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Intel:LGA 775/115X/1200/1700

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SYF-440 (8)
SYF-440 (7)
SYF-440 (6)

Our product selling point

RGB color light effect!

4 Direct contact of heat pipe!

41.5CFM±10% Large fan!

Intel/AMD multi-platform compatibility!

Product Features

RGB blinding lights,

Dazzling internal glow, enjoy color freedom.

With a wide range of vibrant colors and customizable lighting effects, you can create a visually stunning and immersive lighting setup inside your PC.

Fan combined with fin duct,

Fins and heat pipes optimize the wind resistance design to improve the efficiency of air discharge.

Improve the heat transfer efficiency of the radiator better.

The fins and heat pipes work together to enhance the airflow and dissipate heat effectively. The fin duct design minimizes air resistance, allowing for smoother and more efficient airflow through the fan. This helps in maximizing the cooling performance of the fan and ensures that heat is effectively transferred away from the components.

Through FIN craft design.

The contact area between the fin and the heat pipe is increased,

Effectively improve the heat transfer efficiency.

This enables the cooler to more efficiently absorb and dissipate the heat generated by the CPU.

A larger contact area ensures that more heat is transferred from the heat pipes to the fins, allowing for better heat dissipation.  This helps to prevent thermal throttling and maintain optimal operating temperatures for the CPU.

The heat pipe directly touches the base.

The base is integrated with the heat pipe, which is directly in contact with the CPU,

The cooling effect is instant.

The advantage of this direct contact cooling base is that it eliminates any barriers or intermediaries between the heat source and the heat pipes.  This means that there are no additional layers or materials that could impede the heat transfer process, resulting in a more efficient cooling solution.

High efficiency pure copper 4 heat pipe.

Classic pure copper 4 heat pipe, sintering process, smooth surface,

The heat transfer efficiency is faster.

The smooth surface of the heat pipes allows for better contact with the heat source, ensuring that heat is effectively absorbed and transferred away.The copper material itself aids in the quick transfer of heat, allowing for faster heat dissipation.

Supports mainstream platforms.

Simple buckle, simplify the installation process.

Novice users quickly start disassembling.

Intel:LGA 775/115X/1200/1700


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